Thursday, August 11, 2011

SecKC, Kansas City's CitySec meetup

For those of you in Kansas City who find yourselves doing information security work as part of the day-to-day (be it consulting, penetration testing, internal compliance or just being the netadmin or sysadmin that has to mind the patches, firewalls and whatnot), I suggest trying to make it to SecKC. This should have a different vibe than KC2600 (which is more geared towards tinkerers and hackers of all stripes), as they're shooting to get on board with the CitySec movement. What the heck is CitySec? Glad you asked. From one of the movement's founders:

CitySec meetups are gatherings of information security professionals. Are you an information security professional? You are if you (ever) write firewall rules, read log files, apply patches, follow Bugtraq, help select products, rack and stack security appliances, find vulnerabilities, write secure code, test other people’s code, write policies, manage people who do any of these things, assist people who do any of these things, or just want to one day do any of these things.

CitySec meetups are like any other professional society meeting, except:

There’s no professional society
There’s no membership
There’s no dues
There’s no cover charge
There’s no corporate sponsorshop
There’s no vendor pitches
There’s no requirement to RSVP
There’s no fixed agenda
They’re publically announced and open to all comers

The rule of thumb is, no more structure than is absolutely necessary to get people into a room (where “room” usually means “bar”): if structure (like “name tags” or “surveys”) would even possibly prevent one person
from attending the meeting, don’t use it.

So, basically, it's a lot like 2600, except the entire meeting happens at the bar (instead of simply ending there) and there is a narrower focus on information security. I'm not organizing this, but I will try to make it. Details are unfolding on the SecKC website, but for the time being, it looks like these meetings will be happening at Coach's Bar & Grill just north of I-435 and Wornall (near 103rd street) at 6:30 PM on the second Wednesday of every month, starting in September.

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