Monday, November 29, 2010

December KC 2600. Don't forget about the new Venue!

December 3rd, 5:00 PM. Now at the cafe inside Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

Ostensibly less mall-like but still kind of in Oak Park Mall, we found last month that B&N's Cafe is quite pleasant for a 2600 meeting. Plus they have free WiFi. We talk about random geekery, often with a freedom and privacy spin on things. Programming, telephony, security, electronics, physics and encryption are popular topics we talk about, but bring any projects or questions and we'll all have fun discussing them.

Once that's done, it's off to a nearby restaurant for food and beverages. I'm really craving Thai this month, but open to other suggestions. And there's a chance we might visit the Dumpster that occasionally bears magical things, but it hasn't been terribly fruitful lately.

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